Ekskluzivni intervju s Leen Isabel za Sportvizija Pole Dance!

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leen novi fontDrage poledancerice i poledanceri! :)

Samo za vas Sportvizija Pole Dance razgovarala je sa Leen Isabel, najpoznatijom crtačicom stripova  na Pole Dance sceni! Vjerujemo da su mnogi od vas barem nekoliko puta podijelili ili lajkali njene radove! Leen se proslavila svojim blogom Pole Dancing Adventures na kojem sa svijetom dijeli komične i pronicljive crteže svakodnevnih događaja iz života plesačica/ča na šipci. Mnogi od nas pronašli su se u njenom iskrenom i šaljivom pristupu kojim nas naprosto oduševljava!
U nastavku možete pročitati intervju u originalnoj engleskoj verziji. :) Uživajte!

Dear Leen Isabel, 
thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview and taking the time to talk to us! Our members can’t wait to hear from you. We love, love your comics and we can totally find ourselves in them!! 
So, let’s start with some basic questions…

When did you start pole dancing?
I started pole dancing in the beginning of 2010.

Do you remember which is the first pole dance video you saw?
I’m certain it was Felix Cane’s winning performances from Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006 and 2008. Her creative and unique style made it so exciting for me to be a student. She still continues to inspire me!

What made you choose pole dance over other forms of recreation/dance/fitness?
Quite honestly, I get very bored at the gym. The exercises are very repetitive and I can’t find any joy in that. I’m not fond of running because talking to myself in my head gets tiresome. :D Pole dancing has proven to be amazing cardio and strength training. And there’s the added bonus of being with your friends and wearing sexy shoes and clothes too. What’s not to love? When I’m executing a combo, I’m so focused on the moves that I have no chance to worry about what’s going on in my life. Pole Dancing keeps me in the present moment and I love that.

…And how did you feel after your first pole dance class? :)
I was exhilarated! Very excited and very hopeful. All I learned that day was how to walk and maybe two basic spins but I knew I would be doing pole dancing for a long time.

prvi class

What did pole dancing do for you?
Pole dancing gave me an opportunity to have an active lifestyle, build up my confidence and to form wonderful friendships.

And now some specific questions :) You are famous in the pole community for your weekly web comic “Pole Dancing Adventures” which deals with the issues relevant to pole dancers. What’s great about that is that it’s the first time someone gave an insightful, witty and truthful account of all the little hiccups that happen in a pole class. You definitely gave us all a sense of not being alone and not being the “only one this happens to!”. Which one of your comics do you think received the best reception? Which one is your favourite? (or a couple of them :))
Thank you for the kind words and I’m so thrilled that so many pole dancers can relate to Pole Dancing Adventures! After making fun jokes with my friends in class, I knew that it would be a great comic. Doing it brings me great joy. As for my most popular comic, I think it is the one called “Lines, Shapes and Sizes.” In second place is, “Of course you can!”. I notice how both of these are about body image and confidence. This is something women seem to struggle with daily. I hope my comic helps women and men find happiness with their bodies through dance.

 72-any-woman-or-man-can-pole-dance-webWhat do you think the main issues for pole dancers are?
Lately, I think many pole dancers are feeling pressured to improve quickly. With so many competitions, hard tricks and rising pole stars, I think students are giving up pole dancing too soon because they can’t be a contortionist or have an Iron-X instantly. I think we, as pole dancers, need to learn that we should enjoy the journey. Strength and flexibility will come in time.

Which were/are the biggest issues for you as a pole dancer?
My flexibility is a struggle! I have to stretch everyday to improve my flexibility by just a little bit! One day, I will get the splits.

I see that you also cover other themes in your art besides Pole. But, give it up, Pole is your favorite subject, right? :)
The reason I love painting and drawing pole dancers is because it displays the female body in a new way that we don’t often see in art. Pin-Up art is always showing a woman lying down and displaying herself in a sexy way. I would rather show off a body that is fit and strong! Pole dancing is both sexy and athletic so I love expressing that.

Which challenges do you face in the process of doing your webcomic?
It’s hard to come up with new material every week. My inspiration comes from what I experience in class with my friends and teachers, but sometimes I can sit for hours in front of a blank page. I tell myself, if I don’t have any ideas, then I should go pole dance until I have one. It usually works.

When you train…
- Do you prefer to train alone, in pairs or in a group of dancers?
I love training with a small group. It’s fun to watch others dance and get ideas or have someone to tell you how to improve. On the other hand, I love to freestyle alone. Then I can really express my feelings while dancing in private.

What is your favorite music to dance to when you’re dancing for yourself in the studio or freestyling?
I enjoy slow and sexy songs. I have a tendency to rush my movements, so slow songs help push me to take my time.

Who is currently your pole dance “idol” and why? Or several of them.. :)
I have so many!! Felix Cane is always my most favorite. Followed by Oona Kivela, Marlo Fisken, Natasha Wang and Alethea Austin. But there are so many, many, more! Everyone is amazing, really! Every teacher and competitor is an inspiration! 

Which pole dance move are you working on right now?
I’m working on a few moves all at once right now. There is one called the “Magic Splits” which feels a bit strange. I also just learned the “Side Wang” which is attributed to Natasha Wang. I love anything with elbow holds!

Everybody has that one move that they just can’t get, urgh! What’s your pole nemesis move?
I made a comic about it! I’m really, really, really uncomfortable in the Superman! 


Finish the following sentences!
Growing up I wanted to be a/an… astronaut! No joke! I was in college studying physics. I decided that career path would be stressful and I chose a path that would be more joyful for me.

I never train without… wrist wraps and Dry Hands! I warm-up with something around my wrists so they will get warm before training. I don’t like having sore joints!

My plans for the future are... to continue with Pole Dancing Adventures, finish my first Pole Dancing Adventures BOOK and train in pole, of course! :) I am planning for next year to have the book ready. I hope everyone will enjoy it!

Do you have a message for pole dancers in Croatia? :)
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for reading my comic! Please follow me online at the website and on Facebook and share with me your thoughts and love for pole dancing! I am always excited and happy to hear from everyone.

Evo, to je bilo to od nas i Leen Isabel :D. Nadamo se da ste uživali, a vjerojatno ste se, kao i mi, pronašli u nekima od njenih odgovora. Ovaj intervju prvi je u seriji intervjua koje će Sportvizija Pole Dance provesti sa značajnim i poznatim osobama na svjetskoj pole dance sceni. Sljedeći intervju je sa – Anastasiom Skukhtorovom! :D Stay tuned…i vidimo se na treningu :)
Želite nam se priključiti? Prijavite se ovdje za svoj prvi besplatan trening! :)